VIVA Architecture is an Antwerp based multi-disciplinary studio active in the fields of urbanism, architecture, interior and furniture design. Our projects range from small scale interventions to large scale urban proposals.

The studio, founded in 2012 and led by Sylvie Bruyninckx operates as an open platform with an interest in architectural reflection and exploration. Starting from design itself as a (re)search medium, new programmatic typologies, diverse social organizations and multiple scenarios for alternative architectural and urban spaces are developed.

Advanced realism

Within the reality of a fluid contemporary urban society with constantly evolving complex and dynamic conditions, VIVA Architecture promotes an open explorative design attitude. This approach promotes non-dogmatic proposals and simultaneously defines answers to the questions raised by the project definition: ADVANCED REALISM. Within this framework there is no place for off-the-shelf solutions.

Over the last years the architectural practice has changed drastically. VIVA Architecture wants to be a part of this evolution, actively participating in this new reality with ever changing possibilities. VIVA LA EVOLUCION.