7 April

TURNINHOUT: Central to the design of the sports complex in the park of Turnhout are circularity and sustainability on the one hand, and the budget on the other. A simple wooden structure, without frills, but beautiful through its simplicity and materialization, is the solution. The positive CO2 balance, the light weight, the extremely fast and silent construction site are just some of the positive characteristics of the material, which can count in this project to minimize disturbance to the environment (nature, students, local residents, walkers,...) and to comply with a sustainable project. The aesthetic qualities of wood construction are fully exploited by leaving the wooden structure exposed in the interior. The industrial look must not become too monotonous, so we add a few color accents. Like this colorful climbing wall.⁠

Thanks to the great team: ⁠
@rau.architects @boydens_engineering , Kris Schurmans, Daidalos Peutz, and ASBT ! ⁠

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