11 April

TURNINHOUT: The sports complex is designed to be as compact as possible and sunken into the ground. Because of the excavation, the sports complex blends in better with its surroundings and looks less massive. Not only are the valuable trees on the site preserved, the compactness of the sports hall also makes it the most cost-efficient and sustainable design. The sports hall consists of horizontal lines, with the climbing wall sticking out of the volume like a "beacon".⁠
In terms of facade finish, we opt for an aluminum, reflective panel. The material gently reflects the green surroundings. These panels can be disassembled without loss of value and can therefore be reused, just like the wooden structure.⁠

Thanks to the great team: ⁠
@rau.architects @boydens_engineering , Kris Schurmans, Daidalos Peutz, and ASBT ! ⁠

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