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Furniture space planning for a university campus cafeteria

Interior design

New learning spaces

The new built extension of the existing campus cafeteria functions as a space where it is nice to hang out. Thanks to the addition of custom furniture it increases interaction between students and it provides the room with different flexible interpretations.

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Students learn more from each other through teamwork or during informal meetings and this should be made possible in different ways and on different locations. The newbuilt extension of the existing cafeteria should therefor function as a space where it is nice to hang out, so students can casually meet and study, during or outside lunchtime.

The mobile furniture was divided in different areas, so students can easily pick a seat in the atmosphere they prefer: more intimate and concentrated in the independent sofas, more casual on stools and poofs in the lounge areas, higher seated for the quick bite or standing meetings, chilling on the tribunes or stages while watching the garden or a game of footie, in a big group at a large wooden table or in smaller groups at the small round tables. There is a seat for every moment and for every activity.

Higher cabinets are placed as a divider between the different areas and contain several boxes for plants and backpacks.

The big space should also offer the possibility to organize events and big meetings, so therefore the furniture has been designed to be very mobile.

Location : Ghent
Date : 2017
Client : Odisee
Team : MCS Solutions
Photography : Koen Broos

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