3 februari

Part 3: Projects under construction in 2022.

1. DE PRET: Flying staircase, reusing what is possible.
2. TRANsitION: The pink corridor making you forget the outside world in our office entrance hall design.
3. REGENCY GARDENS: New construction settling into the existing urban tissue.
4. ATLANTA: Relics of the past trying to survive the demolition works.
5. GUSTAV: Hidden kitchen.

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2 februari

Part 2: Projects under construction in 2022.

1. ATLANTA: Orange facade, blue sky: we are in love with this color combo!
2. REGENCY GARDENS: Careful excavation for the high-voltage cabin.
3. PRET: Looking at the roof, ready for a new contemporary interior.
4. THE BLUES: Timber frame construction is set, now finishing of the extension and interior of this house.
5. IN BETWEEN: Perfectly lined façade panels that make you forget the original 1990s façade.

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1 februari

VIVA EATS: delicious NY diner @victor_antwerp 😋❤️

31 januari

2022, what a year!
We had many projects in execution.
An overview of our construction sites of which most will be finished in 2023.

Part 1: Projects under construction in 2022.
1. ATLANTA: Beautiful round windows in the listed facade of our reconversion project.
2. COBDEN: Knock knock, who's there? Merging apartments into 2 duplex units.
3. PRET: The beauty of stripped, pure walls. Merging 2 student houses into 5 apartments.
4. REGENCY GARDENS: New level unlocked in our reconversion project.
5. ON THE NET: Saving trees in the sky.

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11 januari

Wishing you a wonderful year!
Best wishes from the VIVA team.

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23 december

VIVA EATS: Merry Christmas from the VIVA team ❤️🎄😍

18 december

The individual rooms of the residential care center are designed to provide space for some "personal furniture" & "relics" to which the residents are attached. The bathrooms are designed 'oversized' so that they are easily accessible. The space can be completely opened up - to the room - by a sliding fumed glass wall. This creates a hallway so that no visitors can enter the room. In this way, privacy is maintained at all times!
The materialization of the interior spaces is determined by wood, natural stone and fumed glass, homely and resilient materials. This results in a homely, timeless, and also luxurious appearance. 💆‍♀️


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16 december

Within the operation of the WZC "De Kleine Kasteeltjes", great importance is given to physical & mental health. Both in terms of care and quality of life. The interior is designed to maintain the continuity of 'existing life'. Each unit is provided with a kitchen with dining area, a lounge,.... this allows them to bake their own cakes, cook together, receive visitors or watch TV,.... A direct connection and the possibility of walking in the garden is part of the experience of 'one's own home'! Here the residents can grow old with dignity and in 'familiar' surroundings. 🏡

ps: notice the little bird cage on the right.🦜 Lovely details like these make the living room a home, for its residents.


#woonzorgcentrum #vivaarchitecture #tongeren #feelinghome #SeniorLiving #senioractivities #architectureandnature #elderyhome #ouderenzorg #seniorhousing

15 december

For WZC 'De Kleine Kasteeltjes', the existing campus in Tongeren was expanded with a new construction of 32 care rooms. One large - but flexible - house for elderly, dependent, demented and visually impaired people. Family rooms are provided, but it is also possible to join rooms together or disconnect them again; depending on the current demands.

Due to its specific location in the center of the inner area, the new building and the newly created garden area interact to enhance the experience of the inner spaces. The new construction is hereby conceived as that of "a modern (oversized) villa"! This results in a contemporary architecture that - yet sober - expresses ' luxury '.

A "place" for both uniqueness & security, and collectivity & openness. 🌱🌸


#woonzorgcentrum #vivaarchitecture #tongeren #feelinghome #SeniorLiving #senioractivities #architectureandnature #elderyhome #ouderenzorg #seniorhousing

6 december

The second floor of our design for Flamingo, consists of two zones. The first zone is the cafeteria/refectory that consists of a bar with an organic shape and fixed furniture in a warm and fresh color palette. The second zone is a multipurpose room and can be used as an extension of the cafeteria, for events or as a workspace. The high cabinet wall in the center of the space serves as both checkroom and partition between the first and second zones. The mobile walls along the cabinet wall allow for flexible use of the space. 🦩🦩

render by @emile_3d

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