13 april

TURNINHOUT: With the soil we extract from the excavation of the sportscomplex, we create strategic hills around the building. Through the slope, passersby can easily look inside, from above, giving them a larger view of the sports hall. This creates an interesting interaction towards the athletes. ⁠

On the other hand, thanks to the windows at height, when looking out you only see the treetops, which immediately draws the forest feeling inside. Because the windows are above eye level there is no blinding for the athletes in the sports hall. All walls are solid to at least 2 meters, which is useful when training for ball sports, to practice against a wall and is adding to the acoustic comfort.⁠

Thanks to the great team: ⁠
@rau.architects @neyandpartners.wow @boydens_engineering , Kris Schurmans, Daidalos Peutz, and ASBT ! ⁠

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