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Archi­tecture Master­ planning

Wood constructions

An urban study for the development of 75 modular houses in a wooden construction. The concept starts from the simplicity of the houses, organized on a modular grid. The limited weight of the wooden construction allows for extending each house on top of or next to neighboring volumes.

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Broekhof is a project for 75 one family houses in a residential expansion area next to Broekbos, a nature preserve in Kontich. The project ambition pursues a relative densification of a suburban context adding complexity to the one layered ribbon development.

To connect Broekbos with the site the well-known urban finger model is applied on a small scale. A slow transition between the nature reserve and the residential zone by means of a gradient of open and continuous green fingers is introduced. In this way the surrounding nature can infiltrate the site and a sequential structure perpendicular to the longitudinal side of the site is facilitated. This generates a pattern for attractive living conditions.

Modular housing system

The sequences consist of housing and various types of gardens like for example a public park, semi-public gardens and private garden islands. Together with a modular system for the composition of the housing units these green spaces are the connective tissue of the design. Urban and rural features are combined in one setup.

The project brief is organized according to a modular grid of 6,5m by 6,5m. Housing units are constructed out of two, three or four modules and can be extended with a transparent / translucent add-on of a half module. 42 typologies (S, M and L) with common characteristics ensure diversity within one architectural language. This connected and compact grouping increases density in relation to the existing surrounding houses considerably without compromising on quality of life.

Location : Kontich
Area : 11.000 m²
Date : 2013
Fact : Study

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