At the hair­dresser's

Renovation, expansion and custom design of a hair salon

Archi­tecture Interior design

Reconversion and renovation

The renovation and extension of the hairdresser's salon focuses on a warm and luxury experience in a natural environment. Different custom designed spaces are created one after the other for each special treatment. By introducing a spacious inner patio, all treatment areas are bathing in natural light.

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The hairdresser ExpHair wishes to renovate and expand its existing building. The new design has to spatially translate the philosophy and method of the salon and optimize the experience for visitors.

In order to offer a high-quality architectural solution to the enclosed building and the imposed maximum building depth, a sequential spatial and programmatic division from street to garden is introduced. These various consecutive spaces also follow the different phases of a visit to the hairdresser at the same time. Every activity in the salon gets its own specific and adapted space.

This sequence of salon spaces is interlinked by lights and views, always linked to an outdoor space and separated from each other by closed volumes functioning as furniture in the space. The garden and central patio are the focal points that filter the light along the side walls and the subtly accentuated ceiling.

Sequence in space and time

The transparency from entrance to garden arouses interest and ensures a natural circulation from front to back, en route you encounter the reception desk, the styling section, the coloring area and the wash & relax area. The men's section is integrated in the reception zone, linked to the street side. In and out for the guys.

The salon represents an experience for yourself ,“me time” and works exclusively with organic products. This vision is also translated into the materials used: communal tables, counter and wall shelves in robust, naturally treated oak, concrete floor in natural color, vegetation roof,…

Location : Schilde
Area : 288 m²
Date : 2014 - 2016
Client : ExpHair
Photography : Koen Broos

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