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Urban bench for the Atomium


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Design for an urban bench around the 'galette' of the Atomium, our national monument constructed for the 1958 Brussels World Expo.
The urban landscape of the Atomium Square continues in this concrete-cast bench, generating a seating area directly underneath the Atomium itself.

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During the renovation of the Atomium and the reconstruction of the Atomiumsquare in 2006, the galette, the flat disc under the first sphere that hosts the shop and the entrance, was renovated and many benches were planned on the square.

In 2012, the Atomium was looking for a solution to hide the ventilation and cellar’s air intakes planned in the foundation of the galette.

The new bench designed as a curve following the galette’s shape is integrating the technical requirements. The solution is found within the same material and design language, the design enhances the use of the square. From now people can also sit 'under' the Atomium.

Location : Brussels
Date : 2012 - 2015
Client : Atomium
Photography : Koen Broos © Atomium vzw

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