Retail space, 25 one family houses, 32 apartments and urban farm

Archi­tecture Master­ planning

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Masterplan for a sustainable urban quarter, on the site of a former flower nursery. The existing general ground floor is designed as the main access to different housing typologies. A second ground floor, 5 meters above street level, is created as a communal urban farm, and also serves as garden for the apartments located on top of the ground floor retail spaces.

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The site is situated on the border with Mortsel, an area mainly characterized by the industrial activities of Agfa-Gevaert. These activities will phase out systematically and spatially the plant will downsize considerably within the next decade. The project, in a transition zone between industry and housing is part of the bigger masterplan ‘Zilverkwartier’ (Silver Quarter) that defines a new proposal for the whole area which is more in line with the immediate surroundings.

Densification by the creation of a second main level

Our proposal has the ambition to create a sustainable urban quarter with a mix of housing, offices, retail, green and communal facilities. The fusion of a new residential area on top and attached to the specified commercial program arranges a multifunctional compact three dimensional living yard including diverse contemporary housing typologies.

The commercial function is implanted recessed from the Oogststraat next to the Zilverbeek (Silver Creek), creating an urban esplanade that connects all parts of the project. A green residential street without motorized traffic, 10 town houses with garden and 15 porch houses are organized in the middle of the project with a communal space at the backside. 3 building blocks with 32 roof garden apartments and a collective roof garden are planned on top of the retail volume. This vegetation roof will serve as an Urban Farm which is related to the original nature of the site being a floristry with horticultural activity. To emphasize the green character of the project motorized circulation will be organized subsurface.

Location : Antwerp
Area : 15.500 m²
Date : 2013 - 2016
Client : Retail Property Development

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