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Interior design of a loft space immersed in light, situated in a modernist warehousing complex built in 1932.
Although all spaces are interconnected, privacy is achieved by using freestanding lamellae and well considered positioning of made-to-measure furniture. As a result, there are only 3 doors.

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The loft space, located at the street side of a modernist warehouse complex built in 1932 for the Hesse Natie, was completely stripped and rebuilt. The space is immersed in light, thanks to large windows on three sides and highlighted by the length of the space and views along it.

Space dividers

A large continuous chocolate-brown L-shaped volume holds the kitchen appliances, a cooking island and built-in cupboards. This volume emphasizes the length of the room and divides it into two separate zones. Entrance, storage space and bathroom on one side, kitchen, dining area and living room on the other. The bedrooms, overlooking a large covered atrium space, are closed off from circulation by curtains placed parallel to the facade. This allows the two large and intimate niches to benefit from optimum daylight.

All rooms are interconnected and designed without partitioning. Only the toilet, the bathroom and the dressing room can be physically closed of by a door. To create more intimacy in the living area, movable vertical swivel slats are placed between the seating area, kitchen and dining area. The limited free height, a consequence of the concrete mushroom-structure of the building, is visually enlarged by the verticality of the slats and the built-in cupboards.

Colors, materials and finishes are intentionally warm and homely and deliberately contrast with the modernist industrial style of the old warehouse.

Location : Antwerp
Area : 200 m²
Date : 2008
Photography : Koen Broos, Jonah Samyn

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