Hollebeek park

26 park apartments

Archi­tecture Master­ planning

City life

At the border of the Hollebeek Park, three apartment buildings are created. A part of the site is given back to the city, in order to create a larger public park and return open space to the neighborhood.
The design of one long building completes the housing tissue of the street, while all units are facing the park. At the edge of the park, a blind alley gets a new closure by positioning two tall and slender buildings.

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The project area is situated in the Hollebeek Valley, next to Hollebeek Park in Hoboken, Antwerp. The Hollebeek brook is an important structuring element of the landscape and in a rather dense urban fabric the valley can be seen as an area of tranquility through a sequence of green natural moments.

Within the Hollebeek project the city of Antwerp will upgrade and enlarge the somewhat neglected Hollebeek Park in the near future. Our project definition asks for a design of 3 buildings with a total of 26 apartments and an extension to the park.

Unpretentious identity

Differentiation within the whole is an important design topic. It is applied in a precise and meaningful way resulting in a recognizable identity for the total project with subtle differences communicating a varied unity. The 3 building volumes communicate the same language, still they are very different.

A mix of one, two and three bedroom units ensure typological variation. The living room of the apartments in the Hollebeekstraat are organized on the backside with view on the park. Six of them are front to back apartments with interaction from the living room to the street as well as the park.

The two other building volumes have a smaller scale and have only one unit per floor. They connect to the existing houses in the Jos de Ceulaerdestraat, have direct access to Hollebeek Park and act as the gate to the park.

Location : Antwerp
Area : 4.200 m²
Date : 2013 - 2016
Client : Bouw-Spirit
Team : Tecon Groep, Architect Gert Colliers and INT

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