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A no-nonsense interior for a physio therapist in an listed old industrial building.
The design reflects the industrial atmosphere by the use of its materials and the exposed techniques.

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The fit out of a hull space to physiotherapists practice in a listed industrial building dated from the beginning of the 20th century. The property was completely renovated into apartments with commercial spaces on the ground floor.

The T-shape layout of the practice room is optimized, the longest stretch is used as exercise room over the entire length creating sufficient distance for running exercises.

In addition to the exercise room, there are two en suite treatment rooms, visually excluded from the exercise room by means of curtains, which also contribute to the improvement of acoustics

The space at the entrance parallel to the street side, the short leg of the T-shape, is arranged into waiting room, bathroom, workplace and kitchen.

The interior refers to the industrial history of the warehouse; concrete walls left intact, floor finished in polished concrete and pipes fixed visibly against the concrete ceiling. For hygienic reasons, the long wall in the exercise room is finished in wood. In the wooden paneling, recesses are made creating views to the kitchen and are provided for certain types of exercise.

Location : Antwerp
Area : 100 m²
Date : 2016 - 2017
Client : Revanoord
Photography : Koen Broos

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